Spring is in the air...

The Scroll of Fire, Megilat Ha’esh, מגילת האש
Located in the Martyrs Forest on Route 395.
Direction: Jerusalem - Tel Aviv highway to Road 38, the Shar'ar Hagay exit. Drive toward Bet Shemesh to Road 395 (Ramat Raziel Road), turn left at Moshav Kesalon stay on the road and follow the signs.

These photos were taken February 23, 2007

"My words have been made of bronze and stone, they are silent, heavy and longstanding." sculptor Nathan Rapaport

Israel Wild Flowers: Anemone coronaria
Anemone coronaria, Crown Anemone, כלנית מצויה

Flowers in Israel: Crown anemone
Anemone coronaria, Crown Anemone, כלנית מצויה

Cistus incanus
Cistus incanus, Soft-Hairy Rockrose

Cistus salvivolius
Cistus Salvivolius, White Rockrose, לוטם מרווני

Gagea commuta
Gagea commuta, Stolonous Gagea, הבית השלוחות

Gynandriris sisyrinchium
Gynandriris sisyrinchium, Barbary Nut, צהרון מצוי

Barbary Nut

Rosmarinus officinalis
Rosmarinus officinalis, Rosemary, רוזמרין רפואי