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Eshkol National Park An oasis in the Negev Desert

Eshkol National Park is a 15-minute drive from Ofakim. From Gilat junction, go east on Route 241.
The Park has been named after Levi Eshkol Hebrew (October 25, 1895 - February 26, 1969),who served as the third Prime Minister of Israel from 1963 until his death from a heart attack in 1969.
In the park is a route, the Besor Route,an eighteen-kilometer-long dirt road with beautiful views, an old railway bridge, Tel Sharuhen, En Sharuhen (a natural pool), and a suspension bridge.
The route ends at Ze'elim junction.

These photos were taken March 3, 2007

Eshkol National Park - גן לאומי פארק אשכול
Calendula arvensis, Field Marigold, צפורני-חתול מצויות

Flowers in Israel,Fleurs sauvages,Flores Silvestres,флора израиля,Wildblumen
Crepis sancta, Holy's Hawk's-beard, ניסנית דו קרנית

Lycium shawii
Lycium shawii, Arabian Boxthorn, אטד ערבי

Ophrys, Bee-Orchid, דבורנית

Pallenis spinosa
Pallenis spinosa, Spiny Starwort, מוצית קוצנית

Picris asplenioides
Picris asplenioides, Oxtongue, מררית שסועה

Salvia lanigera
Salvia lanigera, Wooly Sage, מרווה צמירה

Tamarix, Tamarisk, אשל

Tamarix, Tamarisk, אשל

Eshkol National Park, Tel Sharuhen

Tulipa systola
Tulipa systola, Desert Tulip, צבעוני המדבר

Plantago lanceolata, Ribwort Plantain, לחך איזמלני